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R39 Delivery to your door anywhere in Cape Town, R85 Major City Centers or R100 anywhere else in South Africa!

Experience good quality biltong at an affordable price delivered to your doorstep exactly how you like it! 4 different flavors to choose from, Traditional, Chilli, Chutney or Durban Curry!

Our biltong range available for order

Sampsons Biltong takes pride in giving you the best biltong exactly the way YOU like it! In order to do this we only make small batches every week, this ensures you always get the freshest biltong the exact way you want it! Shop around and check what we got but do understand that we may take a while to supply as we make to order. Pre - order with us and patiently wait for us to send your order to your door or come and collect it from our home in Rondebosch East, Cape Town and see all our other products we have available. Sourced from the plains of Southern Africa, our beef is free-range which ensures full flavoured, lean or fatty beef of the highest quality.

Pre-order now, stop wasting your time on impulse buying biltong and rather have it sent to you exactly how you prefer it!

Beef Biltong


Kudu Droëwors


Beef Biltong Sticks


Beef Droëwors


Game Biltong


C Grade (Geelvet) – Beef Biltong


Biltong Cake


Sampsons Burger Patties


Sweet Nuts


Babalas Mix (Sampsons Style)




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R46 Delivery anywhere in Cape Town and R85 Any other major City Center

Search for the biltong you need

Choose exciting flavours

Pay online and track your order

Receive your delicious biltong the way you like it

Enjoy our beef or game products unsliced, sliced, chunks, sticks or droëwors. Clients can order on our website, via WhatsApp or by email. Need something special? We can do biltong cakes, biltong platters or make up just about anything depending on your budget. Get in touch with us to discuss exactly what you are looking for and we will see how we can assist.


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About Sampsons Biltong

People say if you can find a passion in what you do for a living then you will never work a day in your life. Sampsons Biltong was established by one man’s love for quality biltong and grew into a passion which needed to be shared with the world. We are now a small family owned business. Sampsons Biltong was founded in Cape Town and has expanded throughout South Africa.

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Inspect Regularly: Check for any signs of mold, moisture, or off-putting odors.

How old is Biltong and where did it originate from?

Unveiling the Ancient Origins of Biltong: A Timeless Culinary Delight

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Is biltong healthy?

Biltong is a great source of protein. It’s high in Vitamin B12 which is essential for cell replication and healthy blood cell count.

Biltong vs Jerky

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Discover our special deals on Beef Biltong, Kudu droewors, or Babalas mix. Orders are available in 500g or 1kg sizes. This limited-time offer lets you save on your favorite South African snacks. Spend R450 or more and get free delivery to your doorstep in Cape Town, making it easier and cheaper to enjoy these tasty treats.