Kudu Droëwors

Our flagship product! A kudu droewors made with wagyu & soft A grade lamb tail fat with a plaaswors spice. This droewors is dried to a perfect consistency and is only available in one flavor. Be warned, its highly addictive! Once you start you can't stop!  The fat content in this droewors keeps the game meat succulent and moist. We make small batches weekly to ensure a perfect product for our customers. Be sure to pre-order and have it delivered or collect from us in Rondebosch East.  Orders can take 1 to 10 working days, this will ensure you get your biltong exactly how you like it. We look forward to supplying you with quality biltong!

Don’t waste your time & money on average droewors! This is the one!

This Kudu Droewors is next level & highly addictive!

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