Why is Biltong so expensive? 
Biltong is expensive as we know it but why is the price so high? Find out here

 Why is Biltong so expensive?

Biltong is a popular snack in South Africa, and is enjoyed by many as a high-protein, low-carb alternative to other snacks. However, many people wonder why biltong is so expensive in South Africa compared to other meats, and there are several factors that contribute to the high cost.

One reason for the high cost of biltong is the quality of the meat used. Biltong is traditionally made using only the finest cuts of beef, such as silverside or topside, which are lean or fatty and tender. These cuts are often more expensive than other cuts of meat, and this drives up the cost of biltong. In addition, the process of making biltong is time-consuming and requires careful attention to detail, which also adds to the cost.

Another factor that contributes to the high cost of biltong is the demand for it. Biltong is a beloved snack in South Africa, and as such, there is a high demand for it. This demand drives up the price, as suppliers and producers know that people are willing to pay more for this popular snack.

Furthermore, the cost of production is also a contributing factor. Biltong is traditionally made by drying meat in a controlled environment, such as a biltong box or a drying room. This process requires a lot of electricity and time, which can be costly. In addition, the cost of packaging, marketing, and distribution also contribute to the overall cost of biltong.

C -Grade meat is best used for biltong and since the popularization of it due to the yellow fat (Geelvet) on it, there has been a massive demand which has too driven up the price.

In conclusion,

Finally, the export of biltong also plays a role in the high cost of this snack. South African biltong is exported to many countries around the world, and as such, the demand for it outside of South Africa is also high. This drives up the price of biltong, as exporters know that they can charge a premium for this popular snack in other countries.

The high cost of biltong in South Africa is due to several factors, including the quality of the meat used, the demand for it, the cost of production, and the export of biltong. While biltong may be expensive compared to other snacks, it is still a beloved treat for many South Africans and is enjoyed around the world.

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